Refurbishing an iPhone 6 full screen and housing

iPhone 6 plus LCD screen and housing repair

Today  we had a very badly broken iPhone 6 plus come into us for repair, the phone was dropped and caught between a car door, the customer closed the door resulting in their phone nearly breaking in half (customer bent the phone back before we took the photos) As you can see from the photos the LCD screen is smashed to pieces, the housing was bent, twisted and completely unrepairable.

The customer requested we replace the iPhone 6 plus screen and replace the full housing, we always offer a discount when having multiple repairs at the same time.

Admittedly we wasn’t very confident we would get the device back up and running but… we did! We carefully transferred all the important parts from the housing such as charging port, power button flex etc and begun to rebuild the phone.


30 minutes later…

The phone refurbishment is complete!
At the customers request we changed the gold housing to a grey and white housing, fully tested the device and returned it back to the customer the same day.


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