fix cracked iphone screen

Fix cracked iPhone screen at SheffTech

Fix Cracked iPhone Screen

Cracking your iPhone screen probably wasn’t the best thing to happen to you today. But Don’t panic, take a breath, SheffTech is here. We can replace your broken screen in as little as 30 minutes. Call into our repair shop located at 205 City Rd, Sheffield for a quote.

Replacing iPhone screens is a big part of our job, our technicians have been replacing iPhone screens since way back when the iPhone 3G and 3GS were weighing peoples pockets down. Now, touch wood but we believe every iPhone owner either has or will crack their iPhone screen at some point. so its probably best you take a screenshot of this post for future use..

Alternatively if you’ve already made the transition from ‘will crack’ to ‘has cracked’ then you’d better get in touch. You don’t need to book and you won’t pay a fortune, our prices are fair and we use high quality parts.


Not local? You can post your device to us

Head over to our contact page for more info.

fix cracked iphone screen

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