PlayStation 4 PS4 Repairs

We repair all aspects of the PS4 from replacement HDMI ports to faulty Disk Drive’s.

Looking for PlayStation 4 repair near me? We take on repair from Sheffield, Rotherham, Dinnington and Chesterfield. 

Joycon Stick Drifting?

What is Joy-Con drifting? This is when the joycon analogue sticks "move by themself", for example when you are in a game your character may start moving without you having to touch the Joy-Con. This fault can usually be fixed by replacement the Joy-Con analogue stick.
We provide a same day repair service for replacement Joy-Con analogue controllers.

Joy con drifting fix

Nintendo Switch Repairs In Sheffield

Over heating

Cracked glass? Broken touch screen? Faulty LCD display? We offer a same day screen replacement service for Nintendo Switch.

Controller issues

Having problems charging your Nintendo Switch? Charging port faulty? If you have tried a new charger and you’re still having charging issues you may need a replacement port. Contact us for a quote.


Replacement Battery

Over time our batteries can lose capacity meaning they don’t hold as much juice as they used to. They will run out quickly and may take longer to charge up. Replacing the battery in your Nintendo Switch can massively improve power issues. 

Cracked / Broken casing

If you have accidently dropped your Nintendo Switch and broken any of the plastic housing, don’t panic, it can be replaced. Any part of the housing/casing and buttons can be replaced. 

If your Joy-Con is not recognised by your Nintendo Switch then you may need a rail replacement. Attaching and removing the Joy-Con from the console can, overtime cause a “rail issue”. Rail replacements are part of our same day repair services.

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