If you’re looking for a reliable mobile phone repair shop, you’ve come to the right place. 

We provide mobile phone repair services covering all brands of mobile phone including iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, Sony etc.

Whether it’s a screen replacement, battery replacement or motherboard repair, we’ve got you covered with our high quality and affordable services.

With a commitment to great customer service and using only the highest quality parts, we ensure that your device is restored to its optimal functionality.

Something we all experience at least once, a broken phone screen.. Our no.1 service for the past 13 years has been phone screen replacements.

We try to provide at least 2 options when it comes to a screen replacement, a genuine/original part and an aftermarket option.

A genuine part is the best option when it comes to quality. An aftermarket part can offer a much cheaper alternative and often still providing good quality.

Phone screen replacement service

We repair all models of Apple iPhone, past and present. 

We offer an affordable alternative repair service using the highest quality aftermarket parts. All of our iPhone repairs come with a warranty. 

Services include, iPhone screen replacements, battery replacement, charging port replacements, motherboard/IC issues and much more. 

Same day iPhone screen replacement

If you have broken, cracked or smashed your iPhone screen, don’t worry, we can replace your screen within the same day, often within the hour. 

From iPhone SE to iPhone 6S Plus to the latest iPhone XR / 11 we cover them all. 

Battery replacement service

Batteries naturally degrade over time, especially if it hasn’t been used for a while. Batteries will also degrade quicker when used heavily for long periods of time. 

Replacing your phone battery can fix many power issues and it will also extend the lifespan of the phone. 


Charging port replacement

Over time our charging ports stretch from using different charging leads and they can fill up with dust and pocket lint making it difficult to charge, until the day it completely stops working. 

Often a same day repair, we can replace your charging port and have your phone back up and running in no time.

Business Repairs

We work with a number of businesses, small and large within South Yorkshire including Schools and Colleges.

Business repair benefits;
Call-out technician
Priority repairs
Pick up & drop off service 
Bulk discount 
Product sourcing

We repair them all

Our phone repair service covers other brands such as Huawei, Oppo and Xiaomi. We will always consider any phone repair regardless of brand. We also repair DooGee, Nextbit, OnePlus, ZTE and more

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