iPhone repairs

SheffTech provide an affordable solution for iPhone repairs. 

We repair all models of iPhone including the older iPhone 5/6/6s and the newer iPhone X range, as well as the iPhone 12 and above.


In a hurry? We can replace your broken, smashed or cracked iPhone screen the same day. 

Our average turnaround time for iPhone screen replacement is 1-2 hours. 


  • Battery replacement 
  • Microphone issue
  • Charging port replacement
  • Glass back / battery cover 
  • Speaker problems 
  • Camera Lens replacement

Popular iPhone repairs

Battery replacement

Mobile phone batteries come with a life-span or a charge cycle-span. This means a battery is able to be charged and used a number of times before the battery starts to lose capacity. 

The more we use our batteries the quicker the life-span of the battery is used. 

Charging your phone over night and using the phone while on charge can negatively impact the life-span of your battery.

If you’re having battery issues, contact us for a free quote.

Microphone / Speaker

Having trouble hearing other people? Other people complaining they can’t hear you properly?

If the other person can’t hear you clearly then you may have a microphone issue. Often microphones are part of the charging port so replacing the port could fix the microphone issue. 

If you can’t hear other people very well, then you may have a earpiece speaker issue. This is a little speaker that is mounted behind the screen and can often be replaced with ease and at low cost.  

Camera / Lens

Photos looking a bit blurry? 
Although most phones are “sealed” these days it is still possible for dust and pocket lint to work it’s way inside your phone. 

If your camera lens is doesn’t look clear or you can see dust particles, we would recommend a camera clean out. 

If your lens is cracked, this can be replaced but please keep in mind, tiny particle of glass may have fallen into the camera module. If there is glass inside the camera module then it would need to be replaced along with the lens. 

Business Repairs

We work with a number of businesses, small and large within South Yorkshire including Schools and Colleges.

Business repair benefits;
Call-out technician
Priority repairs
Pick up & drop off service 
Bulk discount 
Product sourcing

We repair them all

Our phone repair service covers other brands such as Huawei, Oppo and Xiaomi. We will always consider any phone repair regardless of brand. We also repair DooGee, Nextbit, OnePlus, ZTE and more

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