Looking for reliable console repair services in Sheffield? You’ve come to the right place! At SheffTech, we specialize in professional console repairs to keep your gaming experience top-notch.

From PS4, PS5, Xbox to Nintendo Switch and everything in between, our skilled technicians are equipped to diagnose and fix any hardware or software issues your console may be facing.

With our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction, you can trust us to provide top quality console repairs. 

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If your PS4, PS5 or Xbox is getting hot, loud fan or powering off randomly then this is the service for you.  

Your console could be suffering from overheating issues due to a build up of dust on the inside. As you can see from this photo of a PS4 deep clean we did, the dust has built up to form a blockage which massively impacts the consoles ability to keep cool.

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Our Nintendo Switch repair service will have your handheld console back up and running in no time.

We fix stick drift issues (analogue stick moving by itself), battery replacement to screen replacements and everything in-between. 

Nintendo Switch repair service includes the original Switch, Switch Lite and Switch OLED.

Nintendo Switch Repair Service

If your PS4, PS5 or Xbox is not displaying when connecting to a TV, it may have a faulty HDMI port.

If your console is experiencing HDMI connectivity issues due to a damaged port, our skilled technicians have the expertise to perform seamless HDMI port replacements.

Using top-quality parts and advanced repair techniques, we ensure that your console’s HDMI port is replaced swiftly and accurately, restoring crisp and clear video output to your gaming setup

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No display? HDMI port replacement

ps4 motherboard

Common disc drive issues include, console unable to read disc. Disc drive not ejecting game. Disc drive making a grinding noise.

If you have a disc drive related issue, contact us for a quote.

If you are getting an error message on your console after powering on such as “An error has occurred” on PS4. Or you might be met with the “troubleshoot” page on Xbox. This could mean you have a software issue.  

We can fix many controller issues including stick drift, replacement buttons, replacement battery and more.

For older consoles, we would recommend buying a used replacement as the cost of repair may be more.

Classic console?

Retro gamers and collectors, we got you covered too!
Although the parts are much harder to source, we can repair classic consoles too. 

The most popular handheld console is also the most popular console repair. 
Joycon Analogue stick drifting? We can have the faulty part replaced within an hour!

Other common Switch repairs include, back plate replacement, charging port issues, SD reader and game cartridge replacements. 

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