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Our console repair services cover Playstation 3 & 4 (PS3, PS4). Xbox One & 360. Nintendo Switch & Switch Lite. PSP, PS Vita and Nintendo Wii. 


One of the few console repair shops in Sheffield

PS4 overheating? Running loud and slow?

Our deep clean PS4 service could drastically improve overheating and loud fan issues. This photo is one we took while deep cleaning a PS4, as you can see it was caked in dust on the inside. We don’t just clean the fan, we strip all internal parts and clean them. We also replace the thermal paste and remove the fan for a seperate deep clean.

Popular repairs

Not Reading Disk

Disk drive issues are common with consoles. Not reading disks and not ejecting are the most common disk drive issues. 

Software OS install

Corrupt files or broken downloads can cause Operating System (OS) or Firmware issues. If you are faced with such issues we would recommend researching how to install a new OS or if you are not able to this yourself you can use our service. 

More storage

Lets be honest, it doesn’t take much to fill a console hard drive. With limits on expanding console storage you might be looking to upgrade to a bigger hard drive. 
We can take care of the installation, OS install and game save files transfer. 

Classic console?

Retro gamers and collectors, we got you covered too!
Although the parts are much harder to source, we can repair classic consoles too. 

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